@mich_odb duizend cool :o kom we doen da


@jgul.ickx hoe cool is da!


@brihope7 look how cool this is.. cool β„οΈπŸ’¨ get it


@kccorider check this out lol


@meik._ liggt fash nid ihne


Mental🀘🏻 anyone know who the music is by? And the song @redbull


@evergreen_ms7 μ£½λŠ”λ‹€ μ €λŸ¬λ‹€


@jeong_gwan_jang 도저언?


Crazy madness love it


@beej516 really shouldnt cost too much, ice tires and fender extension bars, and fattin up the jet for some even drier air and boom πŸ‘Œ


@chaseyounggreen if you set it up you can race it, I wanna see you poppin wheelies coming out of the corners like this guy


@birk.mathias jadΓ¦ven, fΓ₯r skaffe meg xt igjen😍


@beej516 lets set the ktm up for ice racing


@phat_destiny looks so sketchy! Lol


That's gnarly


Amazing πŸ˜‰


@fernando.loewen could you imagine doing this lol

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