Maggie Gyllenhaal

And thank goodness too, damn you're good @domfishback #Repost @lesliezcast ・・・
That moment Dominique Fishback learned she booked THE DEUCE a longgg time ago. ⭐️Tune-in to @hbo tonight Sept 10th at 9pm! Thank you #davidSimon #NinaNoble #GeorgePelecanos #alexafogel and everyone on her journey. #thedeuce 🍒@domfishback | #Buchwald | love you Dom!! | @sherifaye




Looking for women to interview for my new brand. See Instagram and DM for more information. Thank you!


awwww Maggie! Thank you for loving Dom as much as I do. 😘😘


Maggie!!!!! So truly inspired by you. I looked up to you so much! You're work ethic and sense of self! 😘😘😘


That is so exciting to see. Hopefully I have one of those meetings, to hear "You booked It"!!!

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