I hope we capture something as awesome as this when we row the Atlantic!




@dwquane leave it to Red Bull to find the hardest climb


Go on the edge in a circluar motion dont slip


hardly any of these guys are wearing eye protection smh


@angelxsantana_ I think there was a lawsuit.over that being false hahaha


Poland ftw


Yes ! I can do it on my 50 πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


Yes as long as you bring the graim Jarvis


lol I can see a lot of guys getting hit by rocks from the dirtbike


Anything is possible for a red bull sponsor


Of course it is!


This is my city


This US my city


@l.ba so Γ€hnlich stell ich mir den nΓ€chsten Trip vor


Is there a full video of this somewhere?


I smell 2-stroke


drink a red bull and fly over it @redbull


Kkk dureza kkkk


Domino effect 200k dead people

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