Papa Bear

Part 1: On 9/11, we shoot Osama. F..k him. I couldn't see a lot with those scratched glasses but I destroyed him :)




Osama is a ass licker of the Zionists !!! F.... the bin laden family all kofar !!!


@eduardoserio you should remove that post !! Completly wrong from your side !! Why dont you shoot your president picture πŸ‘Œ


Everyone is a PRO and knows everything


Do us all a favor and shoot yourself.


Allahu Akbar glupane


Fuck bin laden!


@yasser_al_masry i agree that allhuakbar


Fuck u bitch @eduardoserio one day your lion will bite u untill u die cause u already codemning our osama fuck fuck my allah put u into hell


What a moron, bush did 9/11 not Osama


5 days ago you posted this but it only just appeared in my feed! Urgh!


Dis bitch ain't no real Mexican your a fuckin uncle Tom, your intelligence goes no further than the pledge of allegiance you fucking sheep faced bitch.




FUCK BIN LADEN BUT YOU GUYS ALL ARE FUCKIN HYPOCRITES.. @eduardoserio Why you don't hang pic of bush Blair or netenyahu and shot on them .. these 3 terrorists killed together more than all terrorist groups that they created ;) .. why not be real and justice .. you really think 911 is done by Osama ? Wake up then ., because it was a fuckin inside job .. it was the Gouvernement of the country you love so much .. the real sad thing is that they are ready to kill everybody for their goals .. it's Not the first time USA make False Flags ..


I had hurricaneFNirma to deal with .....bitch almost won


Pretty work! Nice!


@valley_bmw325i true. But most of the people dont want to see/belive that. #perfectcrime 😑😒


9/11 was an inside job by the own government of the United States. It wasn't Osama. It was our government .


Osama isn't real brotha it was the us who did it


So awesome @emily_tess love him




@vibratemag I was 13 but who's counting...


Is that the Gun Store in Vegas?


I just love your passion.


great shot!!!!!😬


"Did you even hit it?".... who's the comedian?


Hi Papa Bear! Are you ok? It's been a long time without seeing your lives. Hope everything is ok! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


Babe open ur dm


SΓΊper bien Eddie


Magnifica forma de sacar el estress..


The US government hired Eddie to kill Osama. The next morning he rode a tiger all the way Pakistan with one bullet.


Eddie killed his first man at the age of 17. When they asked him why he did it he replied "Maybe if he knew how to drive he would still be alive, stupid"

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