Vogue Runway

Vincent Gallo, once a grungy and ubiquitous presence on the downtown scene (he was in a band with Jean-Michel Basquiat), has recently reemerged as the star of a new @ysl campaign. The multi-hyphenate has a habit of showing up in strange places—Jay-Z’s 99 Problems video anyone?—but Anna Sui, as is her way, was on to the blue-eyed provocateur even before he made his directorial debut, and cast Gallo in her Spring 1997 show. Will Gallo, who was once a front-row regular, surprise us tonight?



Anna Sui

Thanks so much!!! 💜❤️💜 xxx Anna

turn men into angels

too bad he's an asshole & tortured Christina ricci on set of buffalo!! I used to think he was cute too but she didn't deserve to be treated like that she was Wednesday Addams!!!

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