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Don't forget to make a splash today. 😎
πŸƒ: @orlandoduque
#cliffjumping #splash #mexico





I hope we capture something as awesome as this when we row the Atlantic!




@lukaviniciusalves por mim eu pulava nas pedras, mas minha mΓ£e iria sentir minha falta


@ramzymanning haha, totally chill n shit


@angie_shah yea, not a chance! Did you see those rocks on the other side?!? @p0psi


@p0psi @cynthuuuu flashbacks to Dubrovnik cliff jumping? It looks insane!


What a guy haha πŸ˜‚


Making top rock look like a jump off a river bank @tomwalters1


I though he is a girl with boobs u


@_codymerritt_ I could do this easy


@hassenstambouli cest khal drogo le man


@thegreatnicov alors la !!! Tmtc jump des ténèbres !!


@daintyboness_ i went there last year in mexico!


I did that when I was child with my friends in the lake but not that high @lana_mfrej


@laurenergt @b.yaroslav that's exactly what I was like the first time I tried diving off the cliffs when I was learning


@pierre0812 moi Γ  cassis


@laurenergt only if you get me that speedo first


@enzo.casse mdr mais .. πŸ˜‚jpp


@b.clnx de vrais petits cons πŸ˜‚


@gars_raf ouais mais les mec sont pas malins


Eeeeita !!!!! Sigo treinando @bjottamarques


@b.clnx blc le pont c'est mieux

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