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That dig at first though


That was sick!


Great scoop by Reynolds


Hey idiot I'm not a bandwagon I've been a cubs fan my whole life since 2005 now go pick on people your own age like your grandma


@ryker_cisarik If 1-5 ain't MVP caliber then what is lmao


@nb.210 When did I say he couldn't play defence bud?


@nb.210 marlins lost to the phillies😭


Just mail him his 5th gold glove right now!


@randybeltree el es duro pero el ministro de defensas es la para


That's a bad man!!!!


@percy_navarro que machado de que


@dariajordan_14 one day I'll be this good


best in the game


best 3B in the game


1 for 5 today


Correction: he’s batting .281


@nb.210 at least we're above .500


@ryker_nicholson wow one more day than us how exciting


@nb.210 and have fun watching the Rockies in the playoffs while the marlins enjoy there offseason early


@nb.210 ok Ill remember to laugh at you when your sitting on your couch watching Nolan hoist the trophy and crying because Stanton isn't even in the race


@ryker_cisarik @ryker_nicholson I'll let you guy say things but I'll remember this when November and December comes around and Stanton wins and Blackmon isn't even in the top 5


@nb.210 stantons 27th in batting average just in the NL😂


@nb.210 Nolan and Chuck both play defense also😂

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