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The newest September callup. Mickey Mantis.




what a good boy


Rally mantis was better




Stl had one yesterday! 🦎❤️⚾️


@kcroyals had rally Mantis first


😂😂😂 tan grandes y le da miedo 😂😂🙊🙊


Copying the Royals


He killed it, lol. Just like the batters that go against him 😎


😂 poor guy looks like you squashed him


@kcroyals Seems familiar...


We're is his jersey?


Royals did it first:/


Rally Mantis moved from KC to NYC


Stole that idea from the royals


@timmy_250 jack would have smashed it


@molly20zona i saw a praying mantis last night too..this is good luck not a coincidence


@sun2823 can't kill a praying mantis


Mickey mantis 😂😭😭 @boobooti93


Look Mickey Mantis


@misss_marisssa why is his soo funny to me


@vanilla.gorilla.209 hahahaha there he Is! I always believed in him!

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