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“How to close out No. 19.”
By: the Cleveland @Indians.




Guyer one of the best player at closing game


Biggest catch of his life


16 wins against teams (KC, CHW, DET) who are a combined 54 games under 500. I bet @dbacks @rockies @redsox @astrosbaseball @cubs @dodgers @yankees @angels @rangers would LOVE to spend some time in the AL Central.


They r legit only playing bum teams


Roll tribe


Hockey is harder than baseball dont @ me


Still blew a 3-1 lead tho🤷🏻‍♂️ lol


@mini00sta @d_twinb I meant @cole_loves_caryssa was asking what the record is and it's 20 wins in a row by the A's


They gotta be winning the world series this year


Wearing out before the postseason, not wise


@jerry_gunsley61 they're 71-73 with 19 games left


@j_hughes97 well it's not bad especially with how hot they've been.


@jerry_gunsley61 No problems here with Baltimore, not a fan of them, but im sorry 71-70 is not a good team, a .500 team is not a good team


@j_hughes97 ahhh I see the problem here you're a Boston fan and there's tension with Baltimore and Cleveland because of Jones and the fact the Indians are the top team in the A.L. And swept the Sox


@jerry_gunsley61 1 game over're silly


@j_hughes97 before they were swept by the Indians they were 71-70 which is over .500 for a team on paper that doesn't look so good. Yeah not bad.


@jerry_gunsley61 youre right, 71-73 is pretty good




@j_hughes97 record says otherwise...I'm no Baltimore fan in fact I can't stand that city but they're not bad. Quit hating on the Indians.


Tom hamilton best play by play in baseball


Let's see how many Indians bandwagon fans we see now 😂😂😂😂😂


@j_hughes97 Check out the Indians' 19-9 August and the records of the teams they beat at the time. Hint: they were all over .500.


@jerry_gunsley61 Baltimore is a joke


@j_hughes97 Baltimore is fighting for a wild card spot


If he dropped it they would not be on there current streake


wow they are good

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