TehÀÀn nÀin. @mirellebet


Not doing that thing again hmmm..


How gay is parkour though


Love it lol


@willvdh I'm with ya


@kurtklimek @rylanhunt am I the only one still sore af


must have been a penguin in his past life


Cazzo sei? Rico?


@redbull In Parkour for example the objective is to get from point A to B in a water flowing motion. The way he cleared the obstacle was one single motion, he landed, rolled and could kept going. Of course. That's my perspective from looking at it without knowing what's he trying to do.


Ayayayyy que dolor 😑😑😑


Haha so sick!!πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯


@maxime_huault on adore les slides


@mak_gregorio go faire des sliiiiide


I'd rip my nips off


@jmiketp ΒΏque si ese soy yo? No xD

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