Black Jaguar-White Tiger

A happy end for this video but things like this destroy me...
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A wildebeest calf had a case of mistaken identity when it mistook a car for an adult wildebeest. After becoming separated from its mother, the calf started following cars along a nearby road. The calf may have started shadowing the car since it was a large moving object, an instinct it follows in the herd. It even tried to suckle on one of the car’s tires. Eventually the calf made its way back to its mother.

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..and when they left, lions comes


My heart feels for this poor baby 😔






So sad 😢 . But I'm glad it has a happy ending. 🙏🏻


Aww poor baby


Watching the moments of him lost and confused is heartbreaking ...


Oh poor babes :(


@spam.bydewi come on sis you just say to him just mind your own bussiness bro and you know this is the planet stupid and all of human free to say what they wanna say and ofcourse no hurt feeling or you wanna sue about being hate "the Driver" hahaha 😅😀😀😀like a drama queen lets get some cakes to burn sis hahaha


@darkknight90s but anyway thanks for your attention hahaha but you have to visit my country ofcouse to see what I did here with Human and Animal👍👍


@darkknight90s OMG why you always bother others comments and get seriously with any? Its only betwen driver and baby animal or Are You A driver at that car? I'm drive a car too and always caring with others HUMAN suffering in others country dont you know where country is? And how much I donate them? Did you also? and also ANIMAL they are LIFE and always needs me ofcourse! BUT LOOK it is only a BABY not a huge animal😅In your sentence always talking about how I Hate the Driver but it is HONEST and I am not a Liar I hate his attitude not a profesion OKAY? And we hope you dont misunderstand and really know what I comment for this post!!


Ugh! Anything sad with animals breaks me and my ❤️into a million pieces. Glad this turned out ok


Poor baby, glad it found its way back.


@poppywylde awwww ❤️poor confused bebe


@neil_ty I wasn't ready for this


Awwww so beautiful I just love him so cute I'm so happy he found his mom before a 🦁 gets hold of him love the ending.


@reeva_p yes that was my life with Wilma! I❤️ her


Que triste! El instinto animal en su extremo...


😰😰poor baby............💕💕💕

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