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How do you do it, Nolan?
Via @glovework

Chase Field




@argeniskc24 he doesn't make plays as good as Nolan


That's some heat there


The first baseman wasn't on the bag


@garrett.dobbertin the first baseman wasn't on the bag though


@logan_200513 machado should be playing shortstop because his arm is too weak


Credit to that first baseman, that's a hard ball to keep in your glove


Him and JD21 Are the best in the biz


@tristan_perryy re check on your stats now


What the awesome


Mark Reynolds is a great 1st basemen


Machado got a way better arm


Machado better


I guess we're going to dismiss how the first baseman did an awesome scoop


He watched manny machado too much


1st basemans never get credit


And no one will notice the pick at 1st


@logan_200513 ik. I was kidding Lol. Machado And arenado are both elite defensively

@logan_1331 how it's my opinion


Machado is better that's my opinion


Good dig by 1st baseman too


Player of the year


He's better than Machado @laforce.dylan hits better, fields better


Reminds me of Caminetti.


Nice catch and all but you also gotta give credit to that first baseman with the scoop

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