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Happy 28th, Freddie Freeman.

Happy 28th, Freddie Freeman.




@spencer_muffler For real, he is the key essential that the Brewers have needed all these years


@spencer_muffler that is indeed correct


@27_mecham but the braves do? @andrew.muffler this doesn't make sense 😂


@spencer_muffler nope nope nope they dont deserve him


This guy and Goldy Votto Underrated


I have his rookie card


Where is his birthday homerun post?! @mlb


@andrew.muffler he's only 28?! Brewers should get him


Happy Birthday Biff Tannen


Played high school ball w him


Thought the man was much older😅only 28? Wow


@_korbintate_ He was on pace for a triple crown before the injury. Such a great ball player.


Freddie GOATman




Gonna post Freeman's birthday homerun?? @mlb




Happy birthday from back home in canada!


Happy B-day


Happy birthday Freddie freeman 🎂🎉


@kylersmart15 Canadiens are only good at ice hockey


@kylersmart15 I Told you Canadiens can't play baseball


Most Underrated player in MLB. Like if you agree


Happy birthday


Just hit a 3-run shot too


Does anyone want free crocs


Freddie Freeeeman! Lays his head on a pillow made of concrete!

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