MLB ⚾️

30 teams. One #OpeningDay.

The 2018 schedule is here!






Why announce this now its like still half way into the season


@jsleg this is cool


Wow. Every team starts same day. Like every team closes. Just pray no snow in North East, Mid West or hugher plains..


@ailynnpaulinaa_ they gonna win tonight😂


@curtiscopetti i'm actually a dodgers fan 😬


So early


@pardon_mi they always release the schedule now... this isn't anything new. The season start date is just earlier


It's going to be so brick out


Sick it's sad tho

This is painful to watch




#MLB you are thinking to far in advance we still have the September madness and the 2017 playoffs to go


@anthony_rivaaaass smh cause once it's gone we have to wait till next year


@king_reyes24 why did this make me depressed seeing the calendar flip


About damn time, Baseball


That Dec and Jan portion of that was very depressing


@jonahs__whale can't wait lol


@moni.217. This season isn't even over and I'm already excited for next year's lol.


My birthday is on March 30!


@the.maxfactor right, I thought the same thing lol.


This season ain't even over and y'all r already hyped for next season


Finally baseball is almost over this overhyped piece of garbage sport time for a real sport like football


I wish snow melted in February


30 - 1 = 29. March 29th


@ailynnpaulinaa_ cuz ur a phillies fan


So far away I wish baseball never ended

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