How'd I do 🤷🏾‍♂️

Downtown LA

How'd I do 🤷🏾‍♂️




White boy on the side looks like he don't even know what to do 😂


get Dre on there @drdre


@snoopdogg u doing high fly papi 😁😁


Just finished watching it and @snoopdogg you killed it! Kept it so real about @kaepernick7. Believe me when i say we APPRECIATE you and your voice.


Awesome big homie


Thanks for your take on the @kaepernick7 situation 👊🏽


I saw u! 👀 great job!


Holly wood cant help ya 🤘😈🤘


Well done Og


Did great snoop


Ur awesome!! I loved watching u!!




You always did snoop




Good Snoop


Uniquely well


You did great Snoop really you did, I was proud of you


کرپوهای صحرای


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You did awesome man


@nedreaaa read the caption then look at snoop 😭😭


Love first take, you spoke like a OG @snoopdogg


Excellent big dawg!!!!


Saw The Show You Did A Great Job But Come On You The Top D

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