Sky is the limit. #JustThatGood



I'm a simple man: I see a picture of Mike Trout, I like it...


Lovely lovely @a_shonk


Too bad he's held back by a HORRIBLE pitching staff.


Have his shirt on today


Verlander says no


Verlander says no 🆑🅾🅱


Verlander says otherwise


Low on 💸💸💲❓❓Dm me 📥📲🚨


Shut down by verlander


@gianluca.delpriore don't like the pic if you don't know who this is #troutfish


Except when you get shut out by Justin Verlander.

Verlander didn't make him look very good


@anaheimsportscards everyone has stretches were they play bad everyone from prime Jeter to prime a rod to Barry Bonds on roids, and the mvp will most likely go to altuve but I wouldn't just say those two peep the mirrors klubers in them and objects are closer then they appear


Not on the Angels playing in a division with the Stros!




@anaheimsportscards lol you act like it's only happened to him. Everyone goes through it a couple of times in their careers. Chill.


Teach your son that in life, titles are EARNED, not given by every half-wit who barely watches the games and has no clue what the benchmark for greatness is. How about you look up some guy named Derek Jeter ~ he has some words for you about GOAT


@pelphi_ but you know the MLB they won't post about them unless they do something spectacular like the dodgers or the Indians 🙄

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