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The @twins are the FIRST team in MLB history to homer in each of the first seven innings.

Target Field




The sound of the bat was amazing


Go tribe!


of course it's the damn twins 😂


That's impressive @chinzinator


Todos los record los equipo lo hacen con San Diego @carlosbelen18 muy famoso San Diego


My team


Fiesta tatin anto? @eduardoguerra123


Wow. Tough day at the yard for the @Padres


@j.oconnell10 when your on the mound😴


I bet you wouldn't believe the starter for the padres of that game made the 2014 ASG 🤔🤔


@captaintylerblair @haleyblair9 haha all the padre records are so impressive... for the opposing teams!


@reddickulous16 no one else did it against the Padres so yes it does


When a team other then the Indians get posted on MLB




Doesn't count it was against the Padres


@padres best team in baseball


@grksportsman it was a joke


Gotta love the #JuicedBall era


God damn


Get Hot One Time! @bearandbarn


@mattjohnsun23 @shanewaddell15 pretty much Westbrook vs lcm

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