Damian Lillard

Who is ready to #RUNTHENEIGHBORHOOD in #NBA2K18?
Hit the link in @nba2k's bio to order your copy now.




Fucking dope I love this shit 😁🔥💯


How about you fix the damn shooting and the servers goddamn it


Dude look like 2pac


Dame dolla


I'm ready, dame$


I wish it was like that in my neighborhood




Looks like Do the Right Thing


That's awesome


Was that bill Walton he passed?


That was little kawhi


I wanna b like u bro


Got 2 more days


Hell yeah!


I'm so hard rn🌚




Two Blazer legends, hell yeah


Fukkkk im so excited to buy it


@damianlillard your gonna get your rightful vote as an All-star! You've been snubbed the last few years!!!!!!


@_leunammi thats why I pre ordered it, 2k has boring my careers and a lag filled park


@old_jeezer I feel that. Idk Live just made me wanna keep playing. That never happens


@_leunammi just buy 2k once its $40 or $30


Damn cuh. I gotta get off my ass nowz and preorder.


It's not racist. I'm white. Stop crying. It was a joke because the young kid didn't know who Walton was. Chill out and take a damn joke.


Pre ordered that shit and ready to run it @michaelholton_

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