Hahaha ı think...me 😂or we @j_enjel8


@creole.love this is exactly why we can’t live in the same city!!!😂😂😂


@constanzvalle nosotras en el local jajajajajaja


I swear this is stilllllll my FAV😍😍😍😂


@boodabadazz_ the girl with gun always remind me of u lol


Sorry my friend if I offended you but these people behave like monkeys waving pistolem pointing the finger it's not pretty. People of any skin color should behave adequately. They behave without a king in the head, this expression is Russian. And if no king in his head, that means not a person but a monkey.you ever seen what would Snoop behaved I have ever seen. Therefore, it is. sorry for English I do not speak it.


@sergeydvoryanchikov I've worked in the healthcare for years ,I've seen a lot of different nationalities and with that being said the older and hairy and humpback you get shows who are the real monkeys 😆👊


@makennaellis_ lol this was that video I was trying to show you


Gangsta bitties


Don't get old😂


These hoes don't get cold 😭😭😂😂

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