Amber Rose

#ad It's no surprise… I like to Shake It Baby! @flattummyco, you did it… clinically proven to be 3 x more effective than regular diet and exercise alone? Sign me the fuck up - this program’s got me all over it. Girls, you know I love my curves, but who doesn’t have a lil extra going on they wouldn’t mind shaking? They JUST launched, so while you hit em up, I’ll be over here shaking my ass (and tummy!) off 😉



Dee Fromthanorth

You so beautiful to me baby


how do i get it, am in Nigeria Africa?

Sthe ngcobo

In south Africa?


@josematticos3 jjjjjjaajjajajajajajaja ese chinito es la verga


It doesn’t work, rob already told the world 🌎

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