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History’s on the line and @lindor12bc wants it.

Progressive Field




@fourninestrails we are definitely going to have a blast! It will be nice to see a winning team for a change lol 😂


@heatherkathleen87 im pumped you and Greg are coming! Going to be fantastic!


Can't wait to go to the game on Sunday! @fourninestrails


Love the MARIO sound with every run scored by the home team


@versvcy if they win that game that's 20 in a row


Wait why is there a history on the line?


@lilknappyyy tuesday night, in cleveland where evrybody has work the next day


Correa better


Lmao @juanbadmutha just make sure ur squad does their part and gets to the WS 😎


@wiffleballtony16 still can't believe we met the whole team 😁


@steelyjohnson89 you do know the Astros have had KEY players hurt for about half the season right? You ever hear of Carlos Correa? If you have he is having an MVP year... What about Dallas Keuchel? The Indians have swept ONE about .500 team this streak and that was a banged up Yankees team.


3-1 lead


30 bombs!!! Love how hard he plays and wants to win!!!


@msaroli Paco on fire! 🔥




@keegangaris people work in Cleveland


@davidpetrocci dodgers have been on a slide indians have the top spot ABOVE the Astros (that means tribe is better) and nats will lose in the nlds like always. Pay attention


@jredhoove1998 how's he over rated?


30 bombs 🤘


But…But…Correa's better.



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