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Perfect loft, perfect pitch for @jordanspieth.

Wrigley Field

Perfect loft, perfect pitch for @jordanspieth.




Used to cheer for you ... done with that. Are you even a Cubs fan ?


Dude that is me what are you talking about @nikpin8


Has anyone ever told you that you look like this dude @benross88


Noooooooooooo my boy Speith is a Rangers fan!!!!


come Through


@lj_marincek why were you throwing out a pitch at the cubs game?


He's only a cubs fan cause they're good


I thought he was a righty lol


@craigcrisafi the PGA tour is in Chicago this weekend.


As a rangers fan I'm hurt


@mattsant31 Jordan speith is bandwagon like u


@briancully what are you gonna do about it


@seany_breu he throws like a girl


We had last year, and now back to being C.U.B.S . Completely useless by sept


@olzane I just realized how insanely good looking Speith is


Perfect caption




Leftie. Could've gone some where in the sport.


@athena_cam not bad for a rangers fan


@jhader17 you just missed him


Thought he was a ranger fan?! Quick to jump to the cubs bandwagon


Thought he was rangers fan


Probably left it short like he did on 12 at the Masters

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