Marlon Wayans

Me and the big homey @diddy I told him "u smell like money. What's better than two billionaires THREE.... can I get one?!" 😂 #handinhandtwlethon

Universal Studios Hollywood

Me and the big homey @diddy I told him "u smell like money. What's better than two billionaires THREE.... can I get one?!" 😂 #handinhandtwlethon




You know you wanna DM me with your email for my Pitch Deck! @diddy, you too 😎 DON'T SLEEP ✔️🌱♻️ #ichallengedacelebrity #minoritywomenincannabis




Can't wait til Next Season




I don't have nothing good say😩


Y'all just robbing everybody smh and these sheep sleep, it's millions of y'all and y'all can't give 1 a piece for these ppl instead y'all scamming them with hand in hand., where was the hands before the storm in they pockets for y'all glory


Donated yesterday with Candice! God speed


All of these billion dollars and floting around in the pockets of one person. So let say ten billion hairs can each give one third of there acount can help the poor in the usa the hungry the homeless and lower oy r national debut whould they do it. I dont kno the character of that man but all I know is someone were to ask him would he be willing to do the same job for free out of just the pure joy of doing what you love would he still be doing it. If someone were to ask him if everything you had to spend money on was paid for and you no longer had bills would you be willing to give up every dollar you own I know for a fact he would say you can go f*** yourself and that's where the United States has failed


My older brother @diddy


You are priceless! 😎


Glad diddy isn't wearing a dress and make up in this pic


You making diddy look old this pic 🤷🏽‍♀️


Lol can I get one 😂😂😂


Got a whole city behind me..


Fresh off the plane ready to tell a TRUE STORY!!


Got some shootouts, high-speed chases, plenty hustlers, prison time; the works.. Game for your ass!! Real


Yall brothers come help me write ths 3part movie


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Lol word


@marlonwayans keep working bro and you'll get there, I promise you. He prob told you all he does is work as well...two icons in this pic don't ever feel less bc of money brother. You are a comedy icon 🙏🏽🙏🏽


I get to go there soon! Yay!


Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo!

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