🌹🙏🏾. T. T.




Good Man


Yep he a uncle of the Kings for real snoop best famous rapper snoop


How can you get off on somebody else's weakness this could happen to anyone what T era is going through is not a laughing matter let's all pray in a lift assist her and hope she gets better


Hard shit in the soul


Eso me falta y cuando lo tenga mi hip hop estara en toda las tienda pa que esos vato aprendan jeje


Bitch you need help you finna get lung problems with all that weed you be hitting


@monascottyoung Please cut the check for @snoopdogg to the be The official Love and Hip Hop Commentator. ... And reunion show host.


How can u not love snoop dogg? The mf Goat🤘🏽💕💕


Uncle Snoop yall crazy mf Daddy Snoop 👅💦


💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 respect" 💯


cant help being sucked in to L&HH!!!❤️❤️❤️


Damn, movie nights at his house must be lit


Very sweet :)


U the shit unc


That's true dogg..we all need help sometimes men.


Who is TT though? for real Idk


Who the fuck is T T


This nigga hella funny bruh 😂😭😭😭


I don't think he is being funny, but he's def being real. Sometimes we have to reach out to friends specially when you know they have a problem


Dam I love uncle snoop


Yes Snoop


That's right snoop


Uncle Snoop we need more people like you in this world no matter what you have remained a pillar I love and respect everything you do and say much love and respect💖💖💖


@snoopdogg I think she would be really happy to hear you say this!


This literally made me cry 😪


That episode really brought me to tears.

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