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History has some company.

@Indians win their 20th in a row, matching the 2002 @Athletics for longest AL streak.

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History has some company.

@Indians win their 20th in a row, matching the 2002 @Athletics for longest AL streak.




Win now, lose in first round of playoffs! Just watch!


Lol the indians beat the record in moneyball for the AL @snadkarni108


Hey @indians if you guys are the windians then why did u choke in the World Series #getwrecked #flythew #gocubsgo @cubs @mckanerhockey




Too hot too soon




@jerrdin they definitely to not have the worst fan base


@jerrdin they have sold out tickets the last 5 years even when they were terrible


@griffin_flipss their* and not for long. Cardinals will win the division and brewers will hit wild card. Even if the fuvking cubs make the playoffs they won't be there long. Also the cubs have the WORST fan base in the world literally. Even worse than Steelers fans


So did anyone happen to watch the Indians game today, an watch Buck Farmer throw a high an inside pitch that the catcher just happened to forget to catch as it nails the ump right in the chest, AFTER Ausmus an McCann got tossed? Looked like revenge to me ...


Forget the 3-1 loss in the World Series this is actual history folks. Nothing compares history with a loss. Can't create history as much as you can go back for another win later


Try beating the Cubs record.




they still blew a 3-1 lead 💀🤦🏼‍♂️


😂😂 you guys blew a 3-1 lead to us #gocubsgo


They should've won last year js




No this is not happening


@khristianseeley it would been even better having Manny Ramirez with the Dodgers and Big Papi still with the Sox ✌🏻


@indians LLLLLLLLLLLLindor


Your streak is over tonight


@abelmadrid007 i think it would be really entertaining since ya know, the two best pitchers in baseball would be facing off. Sale v Kershaw would be really fun.


@khristianseeley i hope to see the The Red Sox play My Dodgers The Red Sox are my American League team ✌🏻


@mikeydt_ too bad the Raptors can't beat the Cavs in the playoffs in a seven game series


Cubs 4 Indians 3 😅😅😅😅😅😅


@ivbraves81 I'm not your bruh


They did it


@Jerrdin me? Cause last time I checked my team won a World Series last year and is leading there division


@griffin_flipss because his team obviously blows and he has nothing better to do with life.

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