@supppshell Pepper is pretty much ready for the big leagues


@jl2600 Omg! That’s a bigger version of Pepper! I think we could totally do this - add it to the bucket list


@supppshell and this is the cat guy I mentioned


@sara.anrep je suis jaloux hahaha 😍


@jonas_kluge15 das bin ich!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜­ echt schΓΆnes Tier!!!


He's my favorite , what an incredibly beautiful animal.


You have the absolute best job in the world and I'm share you say every day. Bless you so being soooo wonderful to all these beautiful animals and on my bucket list is to visit you and ask to pet a few of these creatures and I'll pay whatever and sign a waiver. Keep up the best work on earth brother. Terry


@lucnog1 hahahahaha se der comida entΓ£o...


@maribatiss o homem sou eu acalmando a ogra kkkk


@youpowerfitness don't worry, he is really good with the big cats and cautious.. He won't get hurt 😊


@mum.93 the work he is doing is great, i just don't want him to get hurt...he is doing great work


@youpowerfitness these are all rescued animals mostly, would you rather want to see them in a circus or in a zoo or killed? He atleast keeps them alive. Not just alive but they get enough freedom, they have friends partners, children and most importantly they are happy and safe. Out there, they will be extinct.. And as far as their killer instincts go.. They are getting food, they don't need to kill. It's easier said than done..


Esse é o kalelito @god_k1ng ele gosta de caçar


Omggggg!!!! It's a big Chevy!!!😻😻😻 @churchilladams

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