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2️⃣0️⃣ What a run this is for the @Indians.

Progressive Field

2️⃣0️⃣ What a run this is for the @Indians.




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I'm ready to see some other highlights now.


Straight wins


They r at 21 now






@andrew.yakes nope sorry it's not possible


@bradbeard1987 Welcome to Cleveland


@lennyiacco everyone is still sleeping and or working at a 7:10 start. The standard start time in all of sports? No. That was the worst thing I have heard.


@matthewbias yeah, dodgers are gonna choke in the playoffs too


Can someone please beat them


@alecdowell hey that's your numba 😉


2017 WS Champs


Dodgers are better


@brittanylayne24 crazy right ? you say one thing and it triggers everyone 😂 (no one @ me 😶)


@randyfausto1315 Against the Tigers? I dont think so.


@bradbeard1987 It was a 7:10 start in Cleveland, at that time everyones either sleeping or working still.


Absolutely amazing!


Hope they loose today


@c2berry weird, last night for the record breaking win they were at 72% capacity, the blue jays who are in last place had 5,000 more fans in attendance last night. Facts are fun huh 🤔


@eligeha31 I was there for a sell out just a few weeks ago🤔 wanted to go this Friday but for some reason there out of tickets? I guess it's like a sell out or something? You're the pro you tell me


@nlmbcappa I can't even respect your English.


That's my number #20

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