Black Jaguar-White Tiger

We are going to release this Black Eagle next Spring...
Vamos a liberar está Águila Negra en la siguiente primavera..
#BabySchatziBJWT #SaveLeopards #blackjaguarwhitetiger




@cintiavpena is not "judging" is seeing is not even a joke having these tiggers in a "house" and also in tiny places. This is not a sanctuary, is not about judging him is about animals. He has never showed evidence that these animals are not breed or trafficking not even one released into the wild. There's evidence that he doesn't like animals he doesn't care about them as long as they don't give him money. He just haves these animals for fame and money.


I think I see a putty tat!!!


Hope you don't mean you're releasing the melanistic leopard.


Jajajaja 😂😂😂


@blackjaguarwhitetiger Here you go, Eddy, just in. A Cali kid tried to smuggle a tiger cub in to US intended to keep it as a pet. Maybe not enough numbers of tigers in US


lol how did the cat get in the bird cage I wonder lol.


Sweet 🌚🖤


Seems like he's enjoying himself in the cage 😌


@oriani.c no generalice por favor, no todos somos iguales.


Wow... some of the comments are idiotic here... make me laugh! Ive been having cats all my life and while they might be different... a cat is a cat is a cat! Felines they love to explore and get into the tiniest of places... ive found many times my cat inside my closet... inside a box i have there... very small... she just like it! This guy has so much passion for these babies is unveliable! Whomever judges him should ask themselves: what did i do today to make the world a better place? Love cats n lions n tigers... love @blackjaguarwhitetiger


@beckereli This is not where she is kept. She got in the cage and he took a quick video. She has plenty of space!


Adorable 😂😂😂😂🙈💗💗💗💗💗


He needs space. Please give him space.


Cosita hermosa...😘😘😘 son unos curiosos


@hedvigthevegan apparently the cat got inside the cage and didn't want to come out. That's not his/her cage.


Que grandes y lindossss 😍 💗🐾🍀


This bird is fantastic :) I want one :)


@blackjaguarwhitetiger why is he in the cage? The cage is so small. Poor baby .


Free I want you free baby! Thank you for saying that you are going to release it... but...from where? Porque la tienen encerrada? Está enferma o es que la tienen de "mascota"? @blackjaguarwhitetiger


Why is she in that cage?


How did she get there? And why???


@hedvigthevegan no it's not. She got in there on her own. In no way shape or form would Eddie allow any animal to be harmed. Please go to his page and understand what a blessing of a human he really is to these beautiful creatures.


Bella!!!! Ésta niña me hace suspirar!! 😍


@blackjaguarwhitetiger Ahahahahah😘❤️ Italia ci vuole una ripopolazione di questa specie di aquile....tràela pa' ca....por favor!!!


😂😂 esperemos que pronto le crezcan las alas


@hedvigthevegan Omg it's a joke !!! she got in there on her own and wouldn't come out. If you actually followed Eddie and what he does you would know this , silly girl. Seriously people read the caption and grow a f*cken funny bone !!


@kunit1026 no kidding. They have no idea.


What a pretty blk bird


@rosysandovaldescubretuser Mujer, primero, Eddie siempre se toma la molestia de traducir. Segundo, no deberías criticar de que de prioridad al inglés. Necesita llegar a más audiencia para recibir más donativos.

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