Beautiful #StPauls taken by @daveburt with permission 😍🇬🇧🔥 || #thisislondon

St. Paul's Cathedral

Beautiful #StPauls taken by @daveburt with permission 😍🇬🇧🔥 || #thisislondon




How much is it for entry


Que lindo!!! Vamos?


so absolutely beautiful!!


So wonderful👌🏻


@aishaaaaa_2012 Still don't care.


I was going to say😉


Ah, No pictures/videos allowed inside the Cathedral, am I wrong...?🤔 how could you take them?(Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not aggressive :) Im just curious.)


@london I heard they r gonna shut down the bell of Big Ben for four years for repair


Great one🌟🌺




Amazing place!


Wonderful 💛




Incredible picture! I see St. Paul's on my daily cycle commute but have never ventured inside




@london 4 years is much. So sad to hear that.


Lindo demais!!! Impressionante!!!


@the_human_photography_machine more of a reason I want to go to London


@stasyia yes it is. Closed for restoration!


Is it true that it will be off for 4 years?


What have happened to Big Ben tower?

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