#SpiderMan is a true neighborhood hero helping out all guests! πŸ•Έ(Photo: @favoritemelody )
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@nathanmichael_98 this could be us but you won't take ms


Pizza time


*starts to breath heavy* FOR HOW LONG IS HE GONNA BE THERE!!!




Quisiera ver a mi hijo al lado de ese personaje seria su mas grande felicidad!


Go spiderman! :D




Y yo pensando que spiderman era gal


@devilsreject689 Well Disney bought Marvel in 2009, so Marvel characters are under the Disney belt now. But Universal owns theme park rights east of the Mississippi (Islands of Adventure opened 10 years prior in 1999). I think they fit in ok at California Adventure. And more is on the way as they announced at D23 last month they're doing a major Marvel land expansion at California Adventure.


She's like "okay thanks but please don't get web goo on my map."


Spiderman πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ


@charcasso He's not in Disneyland park. He's at the California Adventure park.


@akisch_kny Since Disney bought Marvel back in 2009.


@devilsreject689 This is at Disney California Adventure.


@angeldquintas He won't. Universal owns theme park rights east of the Mississippi. You'll only see him at Islands of Adventure.


I just saw Spiderman homecoming! And saw Spiderman in Disney


Probably showing her where the churros are


You wont get lost when Spidey is there😁

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