I love the smooth finish of the @smashboxcosmetics #StudioStick foundation 4.1😍😍 One side is the foundation and the other is your Contour. I prepped my skin with the @smashboxcosmetics photo finish radiance primer

#smashboxsquad #smashboxprimer




This look😍


@dcharle6974 she does dope makeup looks


@aprillbutcher thanks! Is it affordable? I'm a dedicated MAC girl, but it never hurts to try something new if it's not crazy expensive!


@cng320 I tried this stick and it’s amazing

@cng320 nope but it looks pretty and easy to apply😁

@cng320 @honeylove02 @theshaylanicole_ have you guys ever tried smashbox makeup?


You look so different w/o makeup 😳😳😳😳


@iamlisarose lol she really does 😩😩


She make it look so easy 🀧 @jayssskay




@tricialynnmua I want this simple look. Help me find my shade through smash box


What concealer are u putting under your eye


Look at her skin before she puts on makeup. Perfect skin 😩😍. @kaleel_solomon


lashes 😍 ???


@douja_beuna antki kidayra dir ghi fi darha


What brush do you use to blend out your contour?


I like this natural look @princesa929


simlpe make up!

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