Caption this.




Looking great


I was there


When you tell mike you don't like his trainers.... @guvnab


When trying to teach mike what wasteman means


When ur trying to teach grandad to rap


@izzysonley when you yell GUVNA B people be looking at you like


When your mates alreay told you this story before but youve gotta act interested


What did you say about my shoes?


When you try to explain Anything technical to your parents


Wagwan piffting what's ur bbm pin?


Soul survivor Was AWESOME!! LOVE YOU DUDE!!


Soul survivor was lit❗️❗️


What is this "grime" you speak of


Mike "Grime?"


Please follow me your are azing


You:...Are you ment to wear something else then your bedtime slippers. Mike: SAY THAT AGAIN!


Thank you so much for your talk at week B, I also brought your book thank you so much, I felt I could really relate to you and your journey it really inspired me ❤️


Crep check


When preacher gets taught how to preach 😂


Christian boy might still wanna clash you


Pilavachi ain't happy brudda


Boy!!! You gon' catch these hannnnss.


Mike is so funny😜😜


Repeat after me...ALLO MATTE!!!


State your name cuz


It's 'Hello' not Allo


Mike mate, I just need to ask you where your shoes are from, I need a pair desperately 😂😂 @_myaxaesha @amberxmayy_


You look like THE OTHER diciple

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