Two Pibbles walk into a hospital...see for yourself 😂
via @mystlukes



@daisyn92 I mean if you're desperate I probs could make that happen


@sarahx1997 why can't this happen at my work!


@zoriniii hahahaa a cute.topppp l!! An la khi vur.vur zuia


@zoriniii an hlim hor2 bawk siaaaaaa😂


@vanessaxgele i miss my lucy!!!


@karlieshumway right?!?! That would be the greatest work day of my life.


Charlie and Olive, fuck this I do what I want @Lucy brooksxo


If Cody & Bruno ever got lost lol @applejaxjaks


@raul.saucedo jajaja no habia visto que risa


Awesome work! Yay!


They look like sweet hearts


This is the hospital I work in!


Awwwwwww! That warms my heart


Oh my gosh, they're beautiful!! @kristirack


Love it! 😂


@junktiqueology just out for a little adventure


@sanbro I'll leave you alone after this one lol

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