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Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto | Growing underground harvests hydroponic sprouts 100 feet under London in defunct WWII air raid tunnels. Could this be a solution to sustainably feed the city? Please follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to find out more about the London story I covered for @natgeo. #London #underground #agriculture #britain #people #city


Lakonia - Greece ✨🌺🌺🌺✨
Picture by ✨✨@minogiannisvalantis✨✨
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Photo by @kengeiger | It's hard to discribe the pre-dawn silence, the quite of the African bush. It's nature, you can hear it every baboon call and bird chirp. The only modernity heard is usually a safari truck. Until a ballon floats overhead, and the roar of its emense flame insinererates all serinity. A sunrise balloon tour of the Maasai Mara National reserve savanna must be stunning, but I hope for the sake of the folks in the gondola, that they issue ear plugs. Follow @kengeiger for more images of #africa and the #maasaimara @natgeoexpeditions #africa #balloon #hotairballoon


“Dance has been part of me, not as a person, but part of my soul of who I am, of my identity.” says Brazilian ballerina Ingrid Silva (@ingridsilva), who has danced with the Dance Theatre of Harlem for the past 11 years. “I feel like every day I learn something new, and I grow with my work, and I grow with the people around me. I grow with the ballets I dance. And I grow with the person I’m becoming. So I always think that I am an upcoming artist, like every day I have something to conquer in my career.”
Learn more about Ingrid as she dances through her adopted home, new to our IGTV channel today.
Photo of @ingridsilva and @fridakahlothefrenchie by @eardogfoto


Dolphin Line | Photograph by Reiko Takahasi (@reiko.alice.takashi)
“Mikurajima in Japan is famous as a habitat for dolphins,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Reiko Takahasi. “Currently more than 160 dolphins live there, and this year, 20 babies were born. The dolphins of Mikurajima are given names from the characteristics of each body.” This photo was submitted to our “Celebrating the Planet” assignment. Go to the link in our profile to participate and for your chance to be featured on @natgeoyourshot.

“The repetition of the dolphins across the frame is awesome, they look like they are completely in sync as they swim through the dappled light. I love that you included more information about this habitat of dolphins too!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


California dreaming - stoked to hit the road again for my first trip of the new year 🚘🗺🏔🌵


Hitting our stride in Malta, on the island of Gozo. A couple observations and pieces of advice related to this photo, taken earlier on New Year's Eve. .

We had never thought of Malta as a hiking destination. However, when the weather turned out to be sunny & warm we decided to explore the islands through walking as much of them as we could. Great decision. Our hikes were some of the highlights of our trip. .

Pictured here is a 12-13 km hike from just outside the port city of Mgarr along the coast to the town of Xlendi on the island of Gozo. Paths are pretty clearly marked and the cliffs, medieval watch towers and varying textures of landscapes made it a great way to take in the island. (Note: we did this as a day trip from Valletta, which made for a longish day. But, certainly doable.) .

Also recommended is a main island (Malta) hike, including a circuit from the Blue Grotto to Dingli Cliffs, and then continuing to the city of Mdina where we were able to rest our feet with a glass of wine looking out over the valley. This route totals about 20 km, but if you want a shorter version take the public bus from Dingli to Mdina. .

We’re big fans of shoulder and off-season travel, and we highly recommend visiting Malta during these times. There was light traffic in the cities and main sites, as well as on public transport around the islands. And, you’re likely to get some clear days that aren’t too hot and are just begging for a walk or hike. .

If you’ve been to Malta or Gozo what other advice do you have? .
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#NatGeoHoy | Día de la Conciencia por los Pingüinos 🐧
Más de la mitad de las colonias de pingüinos están amenazadas y en declinación. Esto se debe al cambio climático, la contaminación y la industria pesquera, entre otros factores. El explorador de National Geographic Pablo Borboroglu (@pabloborboroglu), lidera la @globalpenguinsociety e impulsa  la conservación de esta especie ¡Súmate a la causa!


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