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#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Trump’s Wall = Wildlife Extinction?
As President Trump has now threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his border wall, here’s yet another reason to oppose it: He plans to start building it in a wildlife refuge, placing ocelots at risk of extinction while also threatening monarch butterflies, Sonoran pronghorns, pygmy owls, and Mexican gray wolves, among other wildlife.

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Lol this shit is funny.


Trump is trash 🚫


@lucymilnerrx maybe he noticed you babe


So would trumps wall keep predictors away? I’m really confused here lol


And some humans...


There is more evidence for a border wall than there is for climate change . This guy is a joke , maybe he should take down the borders around his many properties and see how that works out for him


@ja.cob.rog.ers coming back to this comment to let you know that it's your, not you're. if you can't even figure that out you shouldn't be lecturing me on animal behaviour.


2 of the creatures listed can fly 😂


Ya... sure your really just concerned about the wildlife 😂


@ja.cob.rog.ers they NEED to cross it or they will die. they migrate for a reason, because if they stayed there they'd either be killed off by predators, a lack of food or the changing temperatures. go do some research on basic animal behaviour. also, really not funny to make fun of people with autism.


No evidence that a wall would prevent illegal immigration that because there isn’t one yet and secure boarder isn’t unreasonable. To suggest that animal migration is more important that Americans safety and security is nonsense and lacks reason.


@lucygreen.xo I hope someone kills you. Oh shit wait nobody would probably notice


@millsco do you're research little buddy. #1 pigmey owls don't have autism.. they can simply fly over the wall. #2 ground animals don't need to fucking cross it anyway they're good right where they're at. Before you comment o


@millsco I'm guessing you're from mehico?


@rebeccalastella_ @_diedll @dandy312z ecco qualcosa in più su ciò che vuole fare Trump


@atliens96 You're seriously suggesting that the animals need to find a way to survive? Really? How fucking stupid are you. FYI, I lean more towards the right than the left. I am not an idiot and I'm thinking logically about the results of building a wall. A wall will not keep immigrants out but it will keep out deer, wolves and other animals that desperately need to migrate to stay alive. If you want the animals to die then you can have fun with your barren landscape and climate change. And my bio is sarcastic. You seem like a fucking idiot - not one bit of logic in your comment. Kill yourself you cunt.


@atliens96 Migration is an incredibly important part of an animal's life. They migrate to secure their survival. Without migrating, they WILL DIE. There is no way around it. Stop being a fucking idiot.


@ja.cob.rog.ers yes, it will. if humans can't get through then animals can't either. stop being a fucking idiot.


@tristant__123 people like you don't deserve to live in such a developed country where you have the privilege to tell poor people that they don't deserve to live here. fuck off.


this is horrible. i never thought about this. thanks for sharing your amazing message.


Just open up the borders with no vetting at all... the chaos would have liberals begging for a wall and order


You people r all scum bags who should be sent back to Mexico with the rest of the 3 million Illegal Aliens!


Go Back to your Country or come back In the way we all came here except the illegals #maga #buildthewall #realdonaldtrump #draintheswamp


You Are all Stupid liberal Idiots who only see one side. MAGA Build That wall!!#maga #realdonaldtrump #usarmy #draintheswamp


Help save Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge from Trump's Border Wall. January 27th, in Alamo, Tx.


@olsaintmick This person doesn't realize how much Leo puts his heart and money where he truly knows it will do the most good!


@ja.cob.rog.ers this shit of displacing wild life has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give me a break a wall isn't going to effect deer, butterflies, pigmey owls. He's not gonna use wood for the wall, there will be no deforestation or "extinction of animals" from building a wall.


Because trump is a racist pig who hates Mexicans and doesn't give a shit about animals or global warming!


I never knew that this is where Trump plans on building a wall, but people will still find a way to the U.S. illegally even with the wall installed.


Thanks for the Information- got a solution?


kind of ridiculous


build that beautiful wall!!!!!!

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