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@KingJames knows excellence when he sees it.

@KingJames knows excellence when he sees it.




Anybody but Queen James...🖕🖕🐸


Why hate on lebron he did nothing wrong


Such a glory Hunter. It's well documented he roots for the yanks even against the tribe #LeFake


He jinxed them


A blind mouse could see the success


Hopefully they end the season the same way LeBron does. Without a ring


Imagination is the only limitation, give my page a look


Hes gonna curse it


Thanx king


Can we all talk about how arrogant he was during the World Series? Haha that worked out well. Maybe he should keep it up so they can drop this streak before setting the record. 🙄 Go Cubs Goooo 💙


He's a Yankees fan😂😂😂




How about verses the Cubs 😂


@thisisjon your team is weakening the brand😂😂😂😂😂😂 no, my team has more rings than your club, the dodgers, and indians combined


3-1 lead


He just cursed em


The last game this dude watched was the World Series game. Gtfo lmao. He doesn't give a damn about baseball.


@yoitscyr also I didn't even know he said he was a Yankees fan 😂😂😂


@yoitscyr he's a fan of whatever city he plays for, but I assume he is more of a fan of the Indians since he was raised in akron


There goes the streak


Even though he's a Yankees fan... I think


@davisozawa let me guess, you like the Indians or dodgers? I don't jump on bandwagons, clearly, especially for some as conceited and annoying as LeBron. Leave him to the NBA. And Padres fan until I die. What's your point?


Turns everything about him

The end of the page