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“The Cleveland WINdians™️” — @kingjames sends his congrats to the @indians for their historical win streak. (via @uninterrupted)




Go Giants


@joey19hawkins youve got to be kidding...


Funny how every time Lebron shows his face with the Indians they choke or lose their winning streak 😂😂


Bro there not good it's called luck


@kesselrun12 clown jinked us :(




@grant_luna1 no one makes it about himself better than Bron. Classic LeBron video


Screw Cleveland


@tjdgators1 lmao bro you a snowflake for real.


Nooooooooo please noooooooooo not king crybaby please nooooooooo


Who cares what you have to say you freaking thug! Go against my President and you no longer are relevant punk!


Leave it to @kingjames to make baseball about himself.


@matthewmendoza_18 how do you know he's a Yankees fan??


He just jinxed it😑


Let him rep the LAND! 🐐


Now they gonna lose😂


LeBron James is such a fool😂😂😂 "Championship rounds" @chargernation101


@derrickandre Lebron couldn't help himself from 1 upping right there.


He's a bandwagon


Then why is he a Yankees fan. Always wears a Yankees hat


@brandon_brozena look at this dude struggling to come up with the words "World Series"... calls it the "championship rounds" 😂😂😂


Dude always wanna be the center of attention


Lebron curse


@bison27 haha this foo a bandwagon


@itsoscaromg @raularts yet this fool supported and wore a Yankee hat at a Cleveland home playoff game 😂

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