Boba Fett The Pug

Mommy, I can't believe you go out of the house with your hair like this. Let me fix. 💇

Chicago, Illinois




Oh my pug 😅😘💞


Too funny and cute!


What a cutie!


@lifeofpugo heheh I try. Thanks buddy!


@meetluluthepug so good!!! Mommy says she's going to save all her hair as my Christmas present


@edgar_allanpug I know, right? Tell mommy dat


@brunoslife thanks buddy! 🐾


@charlotte_da_pug right?? I don't understand!


🤣🤣🤣 this is so funny. The caption's even better! 🤣🤣


OMP I can't believe you do that to your Mommy! Does it taste good? 😂😂😂


Boba, you'z so considerate😍‼️


Hahahah you will be a great hairstylist 😂


I do the same thing with my mommy!!!🙈 don't they see we are just trying to help them!!!🤣🤣🤣




@mrbugglesthepuggles 😂😂 great, so he's never growing out of it!! I'm waiting for the day he gets a hair ball


Oh my gosh, Ollie does the same thing 🙈 it's all fun and games until your poop gets caught hanging by a hair! 😂


@beans_n_nugs right?? I love dis stuff!


😂😂my mommas hair is soooo tasty too!! Nomnomnom


@hermes_pug they thought it was cute when I was little! Now apparently it's "annoying" 🙄😂

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