read it over. again. let those words resonate in your mind. be the change you wish to see! /// 🌎🌱🌊🌈 #veganfortheplanet

Santa Barbara, California

read it over. again. let those words resonate in your mind. be the change you wish to see! /// 🌎🌱🌊🌈 #veganfortheplanet




🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 this is really sad! Thanks for sharing though


@gabsgetgnarly yep! we're also lied to by the government every day! so people believe what they're told to believe instead of researching and understanding the truth! ✊🏼🌎🌱


Thanks for sharing, it's really upsetting. I feel society tries to forget and push important things like this back because they're in denial.


Thankyou so much for sharing..


Thanks for sharing this info.


Wow. Just wow. There needs to be some major changes 😢😥


Nooooooooo 😞😔 thank you for this useful info 😘


omg! lot of useful information!


Wow, I had no idea.


You're my inspiration! Thanks for this ❤️


😭😱 this is crazy. So sad 😢


Wow! Those statistics are mind boggling


Wow I had no idea about these stats 😭


This is mind blowing


So so sad! I can't 😭


Couldn't agree more


Yes change can start no matter how small


This is so heartbreaking


Thanks for sharing this with the world you amazing woman!


So good to know the facts x


So sad 😪 we have to start having a lighter footprint!


This is so wild


Wow this is crazy


This is so depressing 😱


This is so disturbing & sad but at the same time it's good to read 😥


Wow so many disturbing facts x


So sad! I wish everyone was vegan already. It would be such a beautiful world!


Really so hard to accept - wow 😳


This is terrible.. saved that


These facts are shocking 😬


Yep I love this 🙌🏼


Loved reading this honey!!! Even the last point is so important- all these fish oil tablets.. fish oil in baby formula.. fish oil everywhere. Not even necessary!


That's super !! I will kip on mind


This makes me so sad. That and the videos of the poor cattle.


It's so good to keep this in mind 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Keep preaching and teaching sis!


Thanks for sharing- def good to let it sink in. We are a strange race us humans taking our planet for granted. 🙌🏻

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