Iā€™m tryna leave a mark


U need to be in a checkers commercial


Real boss I watch you boss your self up


No Dickriding but I look at your blueprint to follow to become successful. They say to become great yourself you should mimic the GREAT ones before yourself. Bo$$


Thats big....black man


183rd and 27th avešŸ”„


My icon my Don real boss


Big bro keep goin


Go to sonic Dr in toošŸ‘šŸ¾


The takeover


@j7im CHECKERS! Now serving lemon pepper everything


Literally my first job when I lived Chicago, let me get that radio interview with you


selling poison


Bring that bitch to Colorado. Fuck I miss those fries.


Come on @richforever put that Checkers in Montgomery, AL. I get tired of driving to Georgia for that Checkers fix!!


when are you coming to south africa


Everlasting Richie's




Love checkers! Every time I'm in NC


Yea I second that the BIGGEST


Nice boss


Go Giants !!!

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