Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Between our Top 3 Vets, they have 75 years of experience, only one of them, Miguel Ángel, told me that he has seen one Lovely Jaguarundi besides Taz, the rest are super mean and crazy. And you've met 4 of them with me, 3 are super Lovely except for Draculina. Look at my boy playing with his favorite toy brought by his favorite Uncle @tinajeroayala
#SaveJaguarundis #BabyTazBJWT




He's so beautiful, and had the best time of his life with his best papa bear.


А что это за животное?


So adorable 🐾🙀💚🌚🖤


ای جون


Psycho cat!!


Que tipo de felino es este? 😍


Этот кот напоминает мангусту


@chalix.lwd quand tu veux pas me rendre Lapinou 😡😡😡😡


Aww....cutie :)


its just a pretty kitty!!! it is legal @xele3


I don't think that legal @mikiart13


jaja tiene tanta energía, es un sol


@sara_collett look at these. They're like loooong cats 😂


lets get one instead of a cat @xele3




Jaguarundi <3 @mikiart13


Que lindo maravilhoso adorei??


❤️❤️ Tazzy

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