Red Bull

You're going to want to turn on the sound for this one.
πŸ‡: @jackiemg3
πŸ”Š: @DTS
#soundofsport #barrelracing #soundon #immersive




This is a fantastic shot!




great shot πŸ“·


So satisfying


Why i am not a place of her. She is so lucky :D i wish i were the place of her :*


@hanrosegold this could be you




C une video pour toi sa ☺️ @lea.siebenhaar


The lady be making more noise then the horse


Wow i wanna eat it


Yeah they are


@jawshcoltry now all I wanna do is go run barrels!


Loved it!


@gtlstanford you could! You would be sick!


Horse is beautiful ! Come over here and check out my work πŸ™πŸŒŽπŸ’ͺ


@stanfordben I wanna do that!!


Horses are amazing creatures. But I don't think this should be on Red Bull....


Jumping is better


Haha looks like a mountain bike edit


@_deu__ ich glaub das macht @mollfreyd92 bisschen geil πŸ’¦

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