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The #Windians won’t stop!
That’s TWENTY-ONE in a row for the @Indians – an AL record!

Progressive Field




@t_heather Yanks just did.




@th3awak3ning maybe lose vs yankees 🤔🤔🤔hahahahaha


@tianoannunziata thx for correcting me


I'm not a Indians fan but I still will give this team credit for winning 21 games in a row that's pretty impressive


@nholman131 who's the joke now?


@_imagxoamitaaa14_ what was that "no they won't "? KC blew it yesterday but made up for it today.


So sick


@kevin.phillips01 the Indians odds for winning the World Series, mhm! Choke scrubs choke! Go tribe!


@ryan.sholty thanks for letting us know the Indians have that odds for winning the World series


They are too hot too early to win




I'm a dodger fans when it was the WorldSeries I went for the Indians but now look at em! 😂


I'm a mets fan and I think Indians a beast of a team nice winning streak

@ryeguy914 I realize and appreciate how hard of an accomplishment that is but they're our long time rival. If you liked 1 post I'd let it slide but every single one!? I mean it's Cleveland!🤢 Just promise me you won't be wearing one of those massive Indian headpieces to softball Sunday


I'm not an Indians fan but that's impressive



@ryeguy914 even tho I'm a tigers fan, I'm also a fan of baseball as a sport. A 21 game win streak hasn't been done since 1935 by the Cubs. That's incredibly impressive. Definitely deserves a 'like'. You have to acknowledge greatness when it's right in front of you, can't deny it!


@andreas_s04 cudo..idu dalje danas


Twins are gonna get ya...


Will they win the world series though? @adam_cudney haha


Good stuff. Pretty sweet @simplyknownascam


@davidabregot para cuando tengas internet


@quinmiller2017 you're more then welcome. I root for 1 team, but have a lot of respect for others and it's mainly based on their fan base.


It was 3-1


@raguilar26 yes I know. I'm a die hard tribe fan 😂

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