Weak slide into 2


@andrew_vsop These guys are historic in our lifetime. Now 22 wins in a row!


@baldoguaton sobre todo pq siempre se lanza y la atrapa y tira bien a la base 🤔


@kelhenny Rockin' the Three Bag.




Excelente jugada


I miss big papi


That's how you win 21 in a row. Nice.


@_pablopascual muy de Mos Def jajaajajaja


That was awesome catch @courtneyartzner Thanks! He will think that is so cool


@haydenbraybro would expect nothing less if you're in the corner


I can't decide which was better the catch or the throw!! Great play can't wait to see this team in the playoffs!


Maravilloso colombia presente


Colombia Carajo.


De CARTAGENA,CO Para el mundo, el guante de oro caliente 🔥⚾️⚾️🔥


One of the reason why that streak keeps going.......


What a play!!!

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