Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Look at that fool of Lovecito running head first to the fence just to fight Billy. No wonder he has a Spinal Cord problem...
Vean al menso de Love pegándose en la cabeza con la malla. Luego por qué se lastima la médula el Lovecito...
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This is still my favorite video. Lmao.


This is funny @73kass


It's all about lovey and Billy where's simba? 😣


Whatever he does he's adorable💙💙


Awww poor lovie 😓😓 he must take care be safe always


Thank u so much for taking of these wonderful Animals. Respect.


😿😿😿😿 que loco love 🙃🙃


Dummy! If only he knew how easily he could have a new friend...


Lovecito🌞 nervoso 😁😁


@mafer_andradeb yo jamás le hablaría así a ese gatito 🐱 😍


"papa my spinal cord is not working!" LMAO MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD 😂😂


.... and then ... "Papa, my spinal cord is not working!" 🤔😂😂 🦁


Lovy doby


That didn't look good. Even his legs didn't work correctly after ;-(


That's awful, poor boy


❤️❤️❤️ Lovey 🦁 Dovey ❤️❤️❤️


Poor boy 😢. Stay safe Lovey Dovey 🦁💜💖


@a1litt omg hahaahah I want him and billy to be friends


@blanchette81 this comment is everything


Pobre Lovey Dovey


It's look funny but in the other hand, is that possible Lovey has vision problem?


Depth perception off a bit


Aww leave Lovey Dovey alone. You spoiled him PB that's all he knows is you and that are his. So possessive. But a lot of them are like that. Michael too

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