What Would Kate Do?

I'm not crying, there's stuff in my eye 😰 what a beautiful homage. This is one time that we don't mind the comparison between Kate and Diana - what a beautifully similar frock on such a memorable day ❤️image via royal-roaster on Tumblr.




You all need to get a life ffs


Theyve got the same ring on


And true comment. I never lie.


I think it's a sweet tribute. Surprised it's viewed diffrently


@ekfam1 it's an homage ....😒


Kind of creepy how she mimics Diana's outfits.🤔


@daniela_sa Kate fofa! 💖


@wendycellis Diana was her husband's mom so it is expected of to be at this event! If it was your husband you would also have showed your compassion by going with him.


@i11115555 ridiculous comment...do you want her to cry.


@gaylengrey what a very rude and vicious comment




😍😍😍😍 great respect to her mother in law 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


It's Nice !


"Honey, I dressed up like your mom again!"


@eviebonbon okay love this 😍


Well done. Even both nude pumps.


follow my page 👌💎


از پيج من ديدن كنيد 👌💎


ماتصير نفس ديانا ملكة القلوب💔


کسایی که میخوان از اینترنت کالایی رو سفارش بدن بیان پیج منو ببینن هزینشم درب منزل میدید برای این که سفارش بدید تلگرامم پیام بدید وهرکسی دوست داره کار اینترنتی کنه تلگرامم پیام بده


ای جان


Diana only


Beautiful and she's wearing her ring .look at both their fingers😪😪




Why they are trying so hard on her to make her like #princessdiana she is like the soul that only came once on this earth there will be no one as beautiful as she was as humble as she was as intelligent as she was as stunning as she was as sweet as she was


The Immaculate queens❤❤❤







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