#justcall music video is out! Link in my bio βœ¨πŸ’

#justcall music video is out! Link in my bio βœ¨πŸ’




I’m just here looking at each post of yours peep liked


Damn just call me girl I’m tryna get you to notice me


So fucking beautiful omg


My birthday 8/30 .. I love yu 😍😍 video dope


Her face reminds me of Jessica Alba in this pic


At least she finally took a bath


so muccchhh


my baby


call me mybabeeee


I love this theme


finally you’re taking a bath


She is the reason I love red heads! 😍😍😍 @bellathorne


How long have you been like this


Disney f***ed up😳


I'm washing me and my clothes


So sorry for the spam @bellathorne I just realized I didn't follow u with this account of mine, and you've been goals for me since shake it up


You’re not cute. You look like a door mat that people from the Bronx wipe their feet off of


@coloredspoons gonna check this out pronto


I'm your fan, and I admire your beauty, send me passages and accuse those buddies (weed) with me, kisses from Argentina


Holllyyyyyyy fuck marry me


@jinahliim NOT THE POINTTT


@jinahliim ..... I used to watch shack it up ....

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