Happy Hippie Foundation

Huge thank you to all the Happy Hippies around the world who have donated to support Hurricane Harvey relief. So inspired to see everyone coming together...every dollar makes a difference!!! #Repost @mileycyrus
#HappyHippiesForHouston #BringHopeToHouston #hurricaneharvey #HH4HH




Thank you from Houston!!! 💕


Thank you so much!!💙❤️




You ain't hippy youz gay go out soldier


Hope you guys are sending as much love, support and awareness to South Asia as you are Texas!


Seriously, you guys are donating to Red Cross???...😧


happy hippie for iran 😭😭🌹


💛 donated!


I love youuuuu


What about pretty much the whole state of Montana being on fire? My husband is a wildland firefighter here, this Houston stuff is getting crazy




🙏🏼🌾🌼🙏🏼🌾🌼 Thank you!


Bring hope to TEXAS, fuck.


My Spanish club is donating a lot soon


You are the best!!!!!








God bless all of you


God bless you💛💛💛

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