Russell Wilson

Had a blast surprising 12s all the way in China! #RandomActsofKickoff

Shanghai, China




@dangerusswilson you are seriously one of the most generous, genuine people. You use your stardom to help and lift others. I admire you so much for that. I have great respect for you as a player, but more so as a human being. I hope one day I can meet you!


That’s so cool!


That's awesome! He and his family are humble... Love them!


He’s on my bucket list to meet very humble guy


Brazil !!!!!!!


Your are an awesome person just always nice to your fans! That's why u blessed!❤️@dangerusswilson


So sweet


Awesome sauce!


Super Dope!


Awww...This is so adorable


SoOooooo cooool😉😍


This is sooo amazing. You sir, @dangerusswilson are the true meaning of showing love and compassion. @ciara you are a very lucky woman! Love you two and don't even know you guys personally. But, it seems as tho you guys are one of the rare genuines in this world we live in.


you are the best quarter back ever @dangerusswilson


Your my favorite 🏈 player


That so sweet....I wish my team surprise me for once


We have the besr quarterback in the NFL


that's sick


THAT'S WHY @dangerusswilson is that REAL DEAL DUDE..@ciara YOU GOT A WINNER Gurlfriend Don't EVER forget It!


Never stop being a sea fan


Aw how awesome


Love this




@shermietheextraordinary your people meet my people

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