-because she's dead !!

-because she's dead !!




The old Bella can come to the phone right now.


He ceketi de çıkar tam olsun gerek var mı takmaya............ bu kafayı yedi ha


@three_little_birds33 the day she posted this is Zendayas bday


I still can't believe you were on Disney. Smh


What happened to the old bella


Looking like a 70s Snack... 😮💕


why must u be like dis


ur booby looks likes rectangular prism


You dead 😂😂


Memen gözükür sdghj


"I miss the old bella" let her be herself yall, you guys aren't true fans if you don't accept her for who she is.




@ronacolor the old Taylor swift


Taylor swift lyric❤️


The old and sweet bella is dead....who r u?


killer outfit <3


@michaeljmmcllelland she grew up deal with it.


@anabrinkerhoff don’t disrespect the queen


@nerisshaa your much better dead!


@leah_grace0125 ik like wheres the old bella from shake it off or what ever that show was


😍 perfect lyric for this


She became her true self that's why I love her she doesn't give a fuck what people think about her that why I love her she's amazing and I want to become who I want to be


I miss the old you wouldn't have your boobs showing

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